Eidos and Warner in bed together?

Publisher looks to tie-up film licenses

UK games publisher SCI-Eidos is apparently in negotiations with film studio Warner Bros about the prospect of a new deal which could see the games firm making interactive versions of several of the studio's biggest flicks. Rumours of ongoing negotiations between the organizations were reported this week by the UK's Financial Times, and the implication is that any deal forthcoming could see Warner taking a 10% stake in the publisher.

The various cinematic properties of New Line Cinema are apparently at the centre of talks, the studio controlling such licences as Austin Powers, Lord of the Rings, Snakes on a Plane and other titles that would potentially make good games. Warner have been attempting to evolve their own in-house game facilities, having acquired Monolith in recent years, but are also keen on striking new deals with third-parties and enforcing guarantees about the quality of licensed titles.

For their part, SCI-Eidos are refusing to comment on this speculation, but the FT don't usually get this kind of thing wrong. More as we get it, then.

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