SI bitten by MySpace bug

New blog keeps us in the know

Sports Interactive have this week joined the teeming masses of online community MySpace - and thankfully seem intent on having somewhat more to say than the average socially-inept teenager and Arctic Monkey-wannabe bands that run amuck on the service. The Football Manager MySpace page, accessible at, will be used as a blog for the team, where they will update the game's avid community on their latest activities and updates to the world's number one footie management simulation.

MySpace will also provide the developers with the opportunities to interact with gamers, both in discussion about the product and for a bit of light-hearted chatter. As well as updates on Football Manager 2007, the page also incorporates details on the latest versions of Out of the Park Baseball and Eastside Hockey Manager - not that we reckon the majority of you are too fussed about those, of course.

To make the new PC version of FM more accessible, Sports Interactive reveal they are implementing the buttons system used in the Xbox 360 version, with more hints and tips promised throughout the game. All in, over 100 new features are promised in the new title - due out towards the end of the year. The game will be released for PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PSP. More soon.

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