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Cannon Fodder coming to PSP

"War has never been so much fun"

Amiga and Sensible Software classic Cannon Fodder is being brought to the PSP by rights holders Codemasters in spring 2007.

The humorous and controversial title was arguably one of the top games in the 16-bit era, although how it will port to a system without a mouse remains to be seen, although there was a MegaDrive version released to relative commercial success.

The press release makes sure we realise that the game won’t just be "a pretty tribute", and promises "a raft of new features, such as the ability to call in air strikes, perform radar sweeps as well as unleashing a host of new weaponry including flamethrowers and sniper rifles".

Your correspondent is wary of making any judgements just yet – but hopes that the core gameplay that kept him addicted for hours is still present. Fingers crossed.

The game series attracted controversy by using a poppy on the logo in an original release, seemingly in tribute to the war dead. This was hastily removed after newspaper coverage in favour of a camouflaged soldier, and later cartoon-like characters.

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