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MS slash 10 GBP off Core price

199.99 for Sir?

Despite refusing to comment last week on word that the majority of retailers had begun slashing 10 GBP off the retail price of the Xbox 360 Core pack, Microsoft UK appear to have 'sort-of' confessed that the price in Blighty has indeed been dropped to 199.99 GBP. Whether this small cut will be mirrored across Europe, and in Australasia and other PAL regions remains very much to be seen.

Speculation had previously suggested that the price cut had been driven by competition between retailers, keen to get the retail price of the console below the magic 200 GBP point. The Core pack had previously been retailing at 209.99 GBP, and whilst Microsoft still haven't officially announced the change, leading retailers are all stating that the cut is being led by the platform holder.

At the time of going to press, the Premium, HDD-enabled pack remains unchanged at 279.99 GBP. "Retail price is set by our retail partners. Retailers are already selling Xbox 360 Core System from £199.99, which we believe is outstanding value to consumers," MS stated just last week - though retailers later responded stating that "the Core version has dropped by £10 today - they've issued it directly so it's not been driven by retail," according to reports from

Regardless, this is a positive development for consumers, and it will be interesting to see if the cut reaches other regions too. More soon, then.

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