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Developer plots P2P assault

Introversion disrupt naughty sharers

To say that the piracy and leakages of new videogame release across the internet was of a major worry to game makers, would be an understatement. Pre-release leakages - such as that experienced by Hellgate: London within the last couple of months - are uncommon, and of course cause massive problems. But the piracy of new releases is a vast issue, with the majority of new titles on most formats ending up on the net for free.

With the impact issues such as this have on sales, developer Introversion are taking matters into their own hands in tackling those trading their titles illegally. The developer recently told UK industry site GamesIndustry.biz that they plan to disrupt peer-to-peer networks over which their games are distributed. "You can't stop peer-to-peer file sharing, so the best route to combat it is to subvert it," one staffer said. "We will release a version of our game that looks like it's been hacked at the same time as a pirated version gets out."

Introversion said that those pinching a copy of their games online will actually find themselves in possession of a demo - and will hopefully give-up trying to steal a free copy having been presented with the same demo several times. He added that the free distribution of Darwinia on BitTorrent had been disrupted in just such a manner.

Introversion's latest, Darwinia, is due our next month. More as we get it.

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