PS2 gets cheaper and pinker

Leipzig surprise unveiled

The launch of the Leipzig Games Convention in Germany this week will be used to publicity-bolstering effect by Sony, who have revealed plans to cut the price of the Playstation 2 console across the continent at the show. The UK price is expected to fall to 94.99 GBP, the European price to 129.99 Euro. Memory cards are also expected to fall to 19.99 Euro. Cuts have been predicted for some time, as Sony look to squeeze the last few mass market sales out of the console ahead of the PS3's November launch.

"At this new price point of EUR 129, the market leading PlayStation 2 should remain the computer entertainment system of choice for an even wider and more diverse audience for many years to come," beamed SCEE chief David Reeves, announcing the new official price tags.

Whilst not a vast price cut, the cut should still stimulate a little interest, though with the market all-but saturated, its hard to imagine anyone who might still want a PS2 having not grabbed one already. The news was apparently planned for tomorrow's show, but was actually released online accidentally... hence why we know about it already, as you might have guessed.

In related news, Sony have also revealed plans to launch an oh-so kitsch pink version of the console, which is apparently slated for a release on November 1st. The pink console is apparently a limited edition model, designed to appeal to new audiences enthused by games like SingStar, and is apparently part of Sony's plans to expand their audience. Pink dual-shock controllers and memory cards will also be the order of the day, whilst some packages will include SingStar too.

"The Pink PlayStation 2 is funky, fresh, and fashionable, and will further broaden the console's continuing popularity," chirped-in one Sony exec.

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