Warframe update 12 arrives as PC players top 5.5 million

New Zephyr Warframe arrives

Digital Extremes has announced the arrival of update number 12 for their free-to-play title Warframe as the community reaches an impressive new milestone.

There are now 5.5 million players jumping into the sacred Tenno armour on the PC to deal with the many threats that occupy our galaxy.

Update 12 brings a host of improvements and tweaks as well as the new Zephyr Warframe, Save Darvo mission and a brand new game mode, Interception, which has players fighting to prevent a communication from being beamed to four towers on the map to be decoded. Warframe update 12 arrives as PC players top 5.5 million

There's new weapons to including the Phage Shotgun, Jag Kittag Jet Powered Polearm, Dual Cestra Sidearms and the Akstilletto Dual UZI.

It also expands the Forest tileset to include all of Earth, reorganises the Arsenal with Mod Stacking and adds the new Tenno Research Lab which will allow players to build new Warframes in the Dojo. There's also the new Oryx helmet for the Oberon Warframe and an improved in-game HUD.

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