Molyneux longs for classic revivals

Syndicate and more mooted

Lionhead boss and industry veteran Peter Molyneux, who recently oversaw the takeover of his development house by Microsoft, has been chatting this week about his unstinting enthusiasm for a few hits of yesteryear. Talking to US games site GameSpot, Molyneux hinted that he would 'love' to see games like Syndicate, Populous and Dungeon Keeper updated for the next-generation of games consoles and latest PC technology.

"Aside from the licensing complications, some sort of next-gen online version of Syndicate would certainly be popular with gamers..." he told the website, also noting that he would of course need some form of backing to get such major projects off the ground. "I'd love to reprise games like Syndicate, Populous, and Dungeon Keeper, but as you point out, we'd need some business development people to sort this out," the outspoken game creator added.

Of course, the fact that Lionhead are now part of the Microsoft stable whilst Molyneux's old masterpieces lie in the hands of EA could present a large problem - though it certainly wouldn't be impossible, given the close ties between the companies and Redmond's vast pots of cash. We'll keep you posted.

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