MS and Ninty sued over controllers

Texan firm files case

It appears Microsoft and Nintendo will soon be involved in a new legal tussle with Texan company Anascape, who claim the companies products infringe on their own patents related to videogame hardware and controllers.

Anascape's filing apparently refers to twelve patents stateside, acquired by Brad Armstrong of California between 1999 and 2005. Armstrong began applying for the patents as early as 1996, and the suit references a "Game controller with analog pressure sensor(s)" a "Remote controller with analog button", as well as a "3D controller with vibration."

The company claim that Nintendo and Microsoft are deliberately infringing their copyrights, and that either the sale of infringing hardware must be halted, or the parties involved must pay ongoing licensing fees to utilise the technology in question. Anascape are hoping a jury will adjudicate over the case.

Nintendo and Microsoft have yet to comment on the case, though it is surprising to note that Sony remain uninvolved in the case at present - despite having been involved in a similar legal battle with Immersion for some time over the use of force-feedback in PS2 controllers. We'll keep you posted on this.

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