FIFA 07 sighted

Improvements hinted

Will EA's latest FIFA be able to take the initiative with the new 07 edition, which we learn will be released in September, and promises new features which the publisher will no doubt be hoping can help the series catch-up with Konami's Pro Evo, which has become regarded as the yard-stick by which soccer games are rated. September 22nd is kick-off, apparently, and the changes won't just be cosmetic by the sound of things.

Whilst PS2, Xbox, Cube, PC, PSP, DS and GBA versions will land on the 22nd, but we've heard no mention of next-generation versions as yet (though we bet they're coming, that's for sure). A mobile edition will apparently follow the current-gen outings out the door. The EA Sports Interactive Leagues feature is perhaps the most interesting addition to the title, allowing you to battle it out against fans of rival teams you're due to play.

English, German, French and Mexican top division teams are currently supported, so the loss of Spanish and Italian teams in particular is of course a blow - that said, we should probably be congratulating EA for doing something different anyhow.

Better and AI and improved controls are - as ever - mooted, and the PS2-PSP versions will now be entirely interchangeable. This means you'll be able to take your PS2 game on the go with you and vice-versa using the USB cable. The game's Manager mode will also be improved and all in all EA seem to be upping the ante with this one. Or are they? We'll soon find out...

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