New Bond game in 2008

No rush for Acti's 007...

After the recent disappointment of EA's yearly Bond games, which had become synonymous with disappointment among fans of the films, new licence-holder Activision is promising a more considered approach. Whilst new Bond film Casino Royale is due out in November, a new Bond game won't be with us until May 2008 - which will apparently coincide with the next 007 cinematic outing.

"That is where we would focus to have our first game," Acti's Bobby Kotick told investors, laying to bed talk of a rapid videogame adaptation of Casino Royale, which will be the first title starring Daniel Craig as the British agent of Ian Flemming's creation.

Spider-Man 3, Shrek 3 and Transformers are all set for release later next year or in early 2008, which will also see a new Guitar Heroes game released, we're told. More on Activision's efforts as we get it.

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