BioWare Austin has an unannounced RPG project up its sleeves

But what could it be?

A new job advert on EA's careers site seems to indicate that BioWare has a new RPG in the works at their Austin studio.

BioWare Austin was formerly Mythic and is the team responsible for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The new job ad seems to indicate that the new project is a single player title. The vacancy is for a lead combat designer with a minimum of four years experience is a similar role and two triple-A titles shipped as well as in-depth knowledge of RPG development.

First on the list of key responsibilities is to “Deliver a combat system that feels visceral, fast, and fun.” BioWare Austin has an unannounced RPG project up its sleeves

There is no mention of multiplayer or MMO experience so it seems like this is a single player effort.

BioWare's Casey Hudson did reveal on the departure of founders Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka that he was overseeing a completely new project as well as the next Mass Effect so this might well be that game.

We have our fingers crossed for Jade Empire 2. What would you like to see from BioWare next?

Thanks DualShockers.

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