Turtle Rock promises parity between Xbox One and PS4 versions of Evolve

Next-gen consoles more powerful than Phil Robb's work PC

Turtle Rock has promised gamers that there will be parity between the Xbox One and PS4 versions of their new multiplayer game Evolve.

So far next-gen games have been plagued by a disparity between the visual experiences on the Xbox One and PS4 with Sony's console coming out on top in the resolution and framerate battle every time.

"The nice thing about the new consoles is that they're pretty hot in terms of the polygons they can push and the processing power and that sort of stuff,” explained Turtle Rock's Phil Robb In fact, they're more powerful than the PC that I have at my desk, which is pretty encouraging, because... well, it looks pretty good at my desk!” Turtle Rock promises parity between Xbox One and PS4 versions of Evolve

He went on, "For once we're in a position where PC and consoles are going have parity on how good they look, so that's pretty good. I don't know if I can say if there's anything specific about Xbox One versus PS4 that is really going to stand out - they're both good consoles and we expect the game's going to be awesome on both of them."

Robb also explained that they are working hard to hit the holy grail framerate of 60fps. "We're still working on it,” he added. “60 frames per second - that's really hard to hit, right? We're going to do our best but... I think we're still very early in the process. Too early to start making those sorts of promises."

Evolve is due out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One this autumn.

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