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Capcom to offer additional content and items via microtransactions for Deep Down

Yoshinori Ono hopes to offer something comparable to other MMOs

Capcom's Yoshinori Ono has been elaborating a bit on what they hope to offer players of their upcoming PS4 free-to-play RPG Deep Down in the way of paid content.

Ono-san explained to investors that they hope to offer players a way to continue playing with paid content and items while leaving the core free-to-play content inviting to newcomers and regular players alike.

“One thing we’re doing is grappling with the challenges posed by next-gen hardware platforms, “Ono-san explained. “An example of this is the game ‘Deep Down, which we are developing for the PlayStation 4. While it’s a home console game, the model is basically the same as that for online games.” Capcom to offer additional content and items via microtransactions for Deep Down

“When we develop an online game,” he continued, “we aim to create a game that allows people already playing it to continue enjoying it. At the same time, we try to avoid boosting the number of players just for the sake of getting new people to play. The game ‘Deep down’ is provided free of charge, but players are required to pay for additional items and other game content. To ensure people playing the game don’t lose interest, we will keep working to deliver stable long-term services.”

Deep Down is due to arrive in beta when the PS4 launches in Japan at the end of the month although whether this will be limited to Japan or not is still to be announced.

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