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Next-gen Sopranos slashed

But PS2 version continues

THQ have this week revealed that the Xbox 360 version of the forthcoming Sopranos videogame has been axed, because the differences with the PS2 version were negligible. Developer 7 Studios were crafting both games, but the 360 version has now been 'discontinued', CFO Edward K. Zinser revealed after a conference call.

Apparently, publisher THQ couldn't spare the resources to get the most out of the Sopranos on Microsoft's next-generation console. It had been hoped that the 360 version would be a little more unique, hence the decision to axe the game. The PS2 version is still on track for Christmas.

The new game will feature the voice and likeness of Tony Soprano; James Gandolfini, and will be based on a side-plot that runs parallel to the main tract of the series' plotline. GTA-esque missions will be the order of the day, as you play the role of a fledgling hoodlum hoping to rise through the Soprano organisation.

A new series of The Sopranos will kick-off next year in the USA, we'll tell you more about the game as we get it.

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