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Mark Rein boosts PS3

Sony 'on-track'?

Epic Games boss Mark Rein has waded into the current debate surrounding the PS3's hopes of success, boosting Sony's next-generation console with a vote of confidence that stands in contrast to negative chatter about Blu-Ray, pricing and controllers.

Speaking to UK-based Eurogamer TV, Rein commented that support from third-parties should help the PS3 rival the Xbox 360, because of Sony's approach to development kits and the like. "Developers were just getting final PS3 hardware [around the time of E3 - May], which is a long time before ship," Rein commented in the interview. "Developers did not have finished Xbox 360 hardware last year at E3. So Sony's actually maybe in a better place vis-a-vis Microsoft in relation to launch."

"I know we're getting some great results with it back at our house, so I would expect other developers will be as well," Rein added on Epic's own work with the new system. On the next-generation generally Rein also stated that Gears of War should look even better at launch than it did when it wowed audiences at E3, as developers learn how to get the most out of the new hardware.

Learn more on Rein's musings in the interview, we'll keep you posted as we learn more on the PS3, et al.

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