New Guild Wars announced

Nightfall lands...

A brand new title in NCSoft's popular Guild Wars series has been announced by the South Korean MMO giant today, Guild Wars Nightfall revealed by developer ArenaNet late yesterday.

In something of a surprise, ArenaNet also revealed the extent of the progress they've already made on the game, announcing a beta test of Nightfall due to kick-off between July 28th and 31st. Initial tests will involve a first-look PvP event. The event will give players of both Guild Wars Prophecies and Guild Wars Factions the chance to meet a couple of new professions and much more besides.

A divine-warrior, the Dervish, will be one such 'profession', the other being the Paragon, a guardian angel of the Elonian people. Both new professions have some rather nice tricks up their sleeves, and hardened Guild Wars players probably won't want to miss the weekend's showcase. Success in-game will even see ArenaNet dishing out some goodies to winning contestants. More as we get it.

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