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Farrell praises Wii

Fun fun fun

We're almost getting bored of writing about industry people who are falling in love with the Nintendo Wii console, can't any of them moan about the pricing, or the hardware... perhaps the software? Oh, alright THQ president and CEO Brian Farrell, the Wii does look like the answer for a business that "takes itself too seriously." We might even agree that the innovative system could put the "fun" back into games playing.

"We love the Wii - it's all about having fun, right? Games are about having fun and sometimes this industry takes itself a bit too seriously," Farrell told Eurogamer TV this week. "If you watch people with that Wii controller, it's just fun to play with."

Farrell further endorsed the new console from a strategic perspective too, noting that features not games will make systems stand-out in the age of large, cross-platform franchises. "Because of high development costs it's going to be harder and more costly for someone to do an exclusive title," Farrell explained. "We've done exclusive titles in the past; we're always open to having those discussions. I think what you'll see with the Nintendo Wii, though, because it is a unique platform, you'll see unique if not exclusive titles."

You can learn more on the executives various musings in the full interview, available on Eurogamer.

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