Midway: gang games 'dead'

Reasoning behind FnR canning revealed

One of publisher Midway's most important chiefs has explained why the action-adventure game Fear and Respect was cancelled not long before it was due to be released. Steve Allison told that the concept on which the game was based was "basically dead." Allison was apparently referring to the 'hood' theme of the title, which Midway's research had discovered was declining in appeal.

Fear and Respect was being developed alongside John Singleton and Snoop Dogg, and was said to be Midway's gang-focussed answer to GTA and other such games. At the time of its cancellation, analysts suggested that the title was axed because of negative publicity fears and lawsuits such as Rockstar have recently endured over GTA.

"It would be dead before it came out. And you don't want to come out on a dead vibe," Allison told the industry website. Midway have previously stated that a collaboration with Singleton and Snoop Dogg is still in the pipeline. More soon.

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