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October or November kick-off?

The Nintendo Wii is expected out across the planet by the end of March 2007, however more specific dating remains illusive, despite Microsoft already building a lead with the Xbox 360 and Sony confirming a PS3 launch everywhere in November. Ninty boss Satoru Iwata however has now stated publicly that the system will be out before Thanksgiving, which many took as a sign that innovative new console would be out in November - putting the Big N on collision course with the Big S.

CNN Money columnist Chris Morris however has a different take on this development, taking Iwata's promise of 'before Thanksgiving' as a sign that the Wii will in fact arrive in October or possibly even late September. The GameCube released around Thanksgiving, but previous systems have arrived outside of this popular release window, so everything remains typically shrouded in mystery it would seem.

Nintendo tell us to expect concrete release date and pricing news by the end of September, so we'll hopefully have more for you soon.

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