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White PSP ad stirs controversy

Dutch ad causes 'racist' claims

A new PSP ad has left Sony defending itself over accusations of racism in Holland. The ad for the ceramic white PSP features a photograph of a white woman holding a black woman's jaw. The slogan for the ad reads: "PlayStation Portable White is coming."

The internet has been alive with debate about the controversial ad, which numerous critics claim is racist and must be banned or halted. For their part, Sony affirm that race or skin colour plays no role, and that the controversial image is part of a wider campaign - colour contrasts being the motif. "A variety of different treatments have been created as a campaign to either highlight the whiteness of the new model or contrast the black and the white models. Central to this campaign has been the creation of some stunningly photographed imagery, that has been used on large billboards throughout Holland."

A representative did however tell UK business site that Sony will not be using the images in the UK. "The marketing campaign for the launch of the White PSP in the Benelux focuses on the contrast between the Black PSP model and the new Ceramic white PSP model," Sony assure us.

Regardless of Sony's defence however, opposition to the ad remains fierce and shows little sign of abating.

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