Gilbert RPG struggles for backing

Veteran bemoans attitude of publishers

Despite Ron Gilbert's impressive pedigree in the game industry, and a CV boasting innumerable hits of yesteryear, the veteran designer is apparently struggling to find backing for his new project. Gilbert told in an interview that he had yet to garner support for his story-driven RPG, which he is currently working on from home. He also told the industry website that publishers are missing out by not giving smaller titles and developers a chance.

"The thing I'm trying to do with the game right now is kind of meld it with an RPG. So what you've got is the kind of large world exploration that you have in an RPG that you don't really have with an adventure game. You've got the action, some light combat, you know, Diablo-style combat going on with it, but it is also infused with really good adventure-game-style puzzles and adventure-style sensibilities to the storytelling," Gilbert told on the project.

Gilbert said that publishers he'd spoken with had been turned-off as soon as phrases like 'adventure game' and 'story' were mentioned. "I think a lot of it is that they cannot point to anything like this that is successful in the market today," Gilbert explained. Adding that whilst the game wouldn't be expensive to create, publishers are "like baseball players that only want to hit home runs." More on Gilbert's thoughts on games and the industry can be had in the interview.

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