Ignition bring SNK offerings to Europe

New deal penned for new games

A further raft of retro-styled SNK Playmore titles appear bound for Europe this week, British publisher Ignition Entertainment announcing a new deal with the company. As well as encompassing Metal Slug Anthology and other titles already revealed, the new agreement will apparently also include unannounced SNK games for the next-generation of games consoles.

SNK have stated within the last few months that established series' will be heading to next-generations machines, with the Nintendo Wii singled out for specific mention. No doubt the Xbox 360 and the PS3 will also be receiving some attention, of course. Ignition have so far shifted a notable one-million SNK games in Europe, and will publish games such as King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2, NEOGEO Battle Coliseum, SNK Vs Capcom and more as part of this relationship. Good news for European SNK fans, we reckon.

Ignition's activity doesn't end there, with a new version of popular PSP puzzler Mercury well under-way even as you read this. We'll keep you in the loop. With our minds.

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