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Arcade to get Sensible World of Soccer?


Back in the days before FIFA, when Pro Evo was little more than a glint in Konami's eye, there was Sensible Soccer, and its more expansive, management-mode equipped sibling, Sensible World of Soccer. Sensible Software's creation ruled the roost for a number of years, back in the industry's salad days, thanks to a combination of flexibility and utterly compelling gameplay. With Sensible Soccer 2006 now out the door for the PS2, Xbox and PC - IP holders Codemasters are apparently again turning their attention to the venerable 'SWOS'.

A source with insider knowledge apparently told UK games site that Codemasters was planning to include the original Amiga version of SWOS as an unlockable extra within the new version of the game, however this plan fell-threw. Issues to do with player and team licensing has been suggested, and this would make sense given the mock-titles used in Sensi 2006. However, the source also reportedly revealed that now Codemasters are considering a revision of the game for the Xbox Live Arcade. Certainly, such a release could well go down a treat, and might introduce a whole new generation of players to the simple joys of footie from a bygone era.

"Live Arcade is a platform we're evaluating certainly - it's an exciting area of videogames. There are no announcements to be made at the moment regarding our IP on Live Arcade, Sensible Soccer or otherwise. Ultimately that will come down to demand among games players and we think will work on that platform," a Codemasters statement responding to this rumour read. Promising? Only time will tell, and much will of course depend on how Sensible Soccer 2006 fairs against the backdrop of fierce, well-established competition. More as we get it.

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