Mario gets Canstructed

Toronto tribute to Nintendo legend

Words reach us today of a rather unusual new statue, commissioned to be erected in Toronto's Dundas Square, Canada. The statue will be a joint project between Nintendo of Canada and Canstruction, which is apparently a national charity funded by the construction business. The statue will be the world's largest model of Mario, and will be entirely crafted from tomato sauce cans. Hence 'Canstruction', we assume... (or is that because it's in Canada? - Ed).

The 1,100kg statue, celebrating a gaming icon, will be more than 10 feet in height, and the sauce cans will be donated to Canada's Daily Bread Food Bank once the model's work is done. Approximately 4000 cans will be used. Canstruction have in the past been responsible for other unusual pieces of large-scale public artwork... and we'll keep you posted as Super Mario looms over Toronto.

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