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Steamy new Sin Episodes update

New game mode added...

With a headline like that, we're hopeful of picking-up a little more Google traffic than usual today. Yes... steamy, hot, sin (stop now - Ed). So, yes, the videogame Sin Episodes. A new update has been released via Valve's Steam content delivery system. The download, free to those who have already acquired the new game via the interweb, adds the Arena game mode, and four new maps to play it on.

Arena mode was actually announced much earlier in the year, but was omitted from the initial release which was hit by delays as Ritual put the finishing touches to their opus. The mode sees you taking on enemies in succession, each progressively tougher, as the scores also increase incrementally.

The new maps being served up are: Highrise Lobby, The Office, Turbine and U4 Processing Station. "Just to stem off any rumors, concerns, or worries, Arena Mode is NOT a replacement for Multiplayer," lead designer Shawn Ketcherside explained. "We're still hard at work on that, and it's still slated for a future release."

The new update will also add a few bug fixes, and Ketcherside also assures us that Episode 2 is well underway. Hot.

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