Gilbert: Disney stole my Monkey Island!

LeChuck aped?

Veteran game designer Ron Gilbert, who was one of LucasArts' most important game creators in their point-and-click heyday, claims that elements of the new Disney Pirates of the Caribbean flick bear more than a passing resemblance to his seminal Monkey Island series of adventure games. Gilbert points specifically to long-time Monkey Island baddie LeChuck, and his similarities to a character in the new film.

"So, I'm looking through my neighbour's window with a pair of binoculars, trying to see the TV to figure out if they have HBO that I can steal when the latest trailer for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie comes on and I'm thinking to myself, 'Hey, I've seen this before... No... I've played this before... No... I've designed this before!' I'm thinking, 'This is the Monkey Island Movie!' Gilbert wrote in his online blog.

The designer added: "Yeah, they kind of screwed up his beard, but that's LeChuck, and let's be honest, if I'd thought of the squid tentacles for a beard, I would have done that."

Gilbert was hoping to receive a royalty cheque, but upon opening his mailbox, was disappointed to discover: "Two overdue credit card bills and a flier from some guy offering to Trim My Hedges, which I'm sure is just an innuendo for Wash My Cars, and I think we all know what that means."

Gilbert remains convinced Disney will do the right thing, however. Do you think the new Pirates of the Caribbean is closer to Monkey Island in more than just subject matter? We'll keep our canons trained on more information.

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