Xbox 360 price cut dismissed

Not this autumn, we're told

We were always sceptical that Microsoft would cut the price of their next-generation Xbox 360 console so shortly after launching... especially with Sony having revealed that the Playstation 3 will cost a king's ransom at launch. In fact, pricing competition from Nintendo now seems more likely to force Microsoft's hand, if there is to be any kind of reduction within the next twelve months or so. "As you're all aware, there have been rumours of a price drop for the Xbox 360 coming along later this year. The official word from folks in the know is that there are currently no plans for a price drop this fall," group manager of communications John Porcaro wrote on his personal blog recently.

"If you've been holding off picking one up because you think they'll be cheaper in the future, or they've been hard to find, or because you're too busy catching up on past episodes of Lost, wait no longer," he added. So there you have it, you can blame him if Redmond do cut the cost of the console, as has been persistently rumoured over the last week or so.

Porcaro went on to - unsurprisingly - mock the price of the PS3, and sung the praises of the Xbox 360's Christmas line-up, which Sony's console will be up against at launch. The chief even admitted that Sony's plans had made Microsoft's pricing decisions 'easy'. But despite the bravado and confidence flowing from the MS camp, who would bet against Sony initially selling out, irrespective of the cost?

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