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Barcelona plays host to X06

New games and other excitement in September

One of Microsoft's occasionally-annual Xbox-themed industry shindigs is back for 2006, with Redmond announcing that X06 will be held in Barcelona. September 27th and 28th are the dates, and we're promised all manner of gaming announcements concerning the Xbox 360, Xbox Arcade and Windows PC. Experts are already suggesting that the timing of X06 means Microsoft will have little to say for themselves at the Tokyo Game Show, which is held this year between September 22nd and the 24th.

X06 will play host to anyone who's anyone in the games business, as well as hosting innumerable Microsoft partners. X05 certainly offered-up a few surprises, such as Peter Jackson's role in the new Halo flick, as well as Bioware's Mass Effect, so we're hopeful for more excitement in Spain this year. More for the PC is anticipated at this year's show, with Microsoft building towards the launch of Windows Vista.

More on Microsoft's downloadable content plans are expected for the Xbox 360, and we'll be on the prowl for news of new games, accessories, et al. More soon.

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