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Iwata talks Wii, games, and more

Iwata calls for less discounting, cheaper games

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata has told a conference this week that the cost of the Nintendo Wii console will be released before or during September, simultaneously confirming that the console will be out between October and December - in Japan at least. He also poured scorn on retailer software discounting, claiming that price reductions within nine months of launches damage new game sales. "We believe that each software should have its own price point depending on its volume, theme, contents or energies and time spent for the development, namely, the development costs. Once the suggested retail price is announced, we should stick to it," he stated.

Iwata also spoke of high-definition gaming, assuring attendees that Nintendo hadn't written the technology off, "...when we seriously look into the current penetration ratio of HD-TV, the need to take a long time to start software applications after turning on the power, the big console body, heat, power consumption, etc., etc., we had to make a more well-balanced machine. So, we have no regrets about Wii in terms of its well-balanced nature," Iwata-san explained.

Shigeru Miyamoto also took to the stage at the conference, talking of Nintendo's ambitions to change the face of gaming... and broaden the medium to new audiences. Finally, Miyamoto teased the crowd, pointing to a new a project which could be revealed in about six month's time. We'll keep you posted.

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