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Xbox 360 gifted Psychonauts

Emulator mooted

Shamefully overlooked at retail and thus far un-emulated for the Xbox 360, Psychonauts developer Double Fine have more reason that most to feel a little hard done by, especially as their humorous platformer was one of last year's best titles. Indeed, the company were vocally voicing their disappointment last week, and urging fans of the game to press Microsoft to produce an emulator for the game for their next-generation system.

Pleasingly, interweb reports now suggest that the requested patch might well be en route, according to an IGN forum poster going by the name of Alan Stuart. The poster, who described himself as an Xbox 360 'emulation ninja', assured gamers that an update was in the works at Microsoft. Though gave no indication of when the update might be released or even evidence of his credentials.

Even if Stuart's claims are correct, we might have something of a wait on our hands as Microsoft have only just released a patch making a raft of previous Xbox titles playable on the new console. We'll keep you posted on this, hopefully with word soon from a more verifiable source.

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