GTA IV cast mooted

IMDB reveal early names

Whilst Rockstar's eagerly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV won't be out until October 19th 2007, chatter about the PS3 and Xbox 360 game remains as rife as ever. are the latest to enter the publicity furore which always surrounds the controversial series, publishing a tentative cast list for the title.

Lazlow Jones, credited with penning GTA3 and Vice City, is down as a cast member (having previously provided voices for Liberty City Stories and San Andreas), as well as voicing veteran Navid Khonsari - a feature in innumerable Take-Two outings. Beyond the voice acting talent Rockstar president Dan Houser will be co-writing numero quatro's script alongside James Worrall, who has assisted the plotting of previous GTA's as well as the notorious Manhunt.

Whilst these roles remain unconfirmed unofficially, IMDB's listings seem plausible enough to rely upon. We await further casting news and more with interest.

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