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New Xbox games primed for 360

Another batch arrives

Whilst Peter Moore is already impressed with the backwards-compatibility offered by the Xbox 360, it appears the rest of his team feel they can do somewhat better still, and have duly offered a raft of patches covering another batch of Xbox titles. Star Wars Battlefront and Doom 3 are among those tweaked for playability on the next-generation console, and you can of course get the appropriate software via Xbox Live.

Those gaming sans Live will also be able to download the updates from for adding to the console manually. No sign of Panzer Dragoon, yet, sorry folks. Here's the list in full:

4x4 EVO 2
Amped 2
Bad Boys 2
Big Mutha Truckers
Doom 3
Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
Fatal Frame
Grabbed by the Ghoulies
Intellivision Lives
Lego Star Wars
Minority Report
MLB Slugfest 20-04
The Punisher
RalliSport Challenge
Silent Hill 4: The Room
Spawn Armageddon
Star Wars Battlefront
State of Emergency

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