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Final Fantasy XIII ambitions revealed

Advent Children inspires fight sequences

UK games website are today reporting on Square Enix's lofty ambitions for their latest Final Fantasy outing, number XIII, which was announced for the PS3 at E3 last month. Director Motomu Toriyama has reportedly revealed that the fight sequences from Final Fantasy flick Advent Children have inspired the team's aims for the combat in the new videogame, Toriyama revealing that the PS3 makes movie-like fight sequences in real-time a possibility.

"FFXIII attempts to see how far it's possible to make FFVII Advent Children's battles into a game," the director enthused. "FFVII Advent Children is a video production, and it showed us battles that have not been achievable in FF so far. With FFXIII, we're focusing on how far we can realise the video."

A number of Final Fantasy XIII games are en route in addition to the series' 'core' continuation on the PS3, with Square Enix envisaging the game as a series in its own right from the outset. A playable demo is apparently planned for next year's E3, according Toriyama. More over, it will be interesting to see to what extent the team can make the CGI-heavy series play like Advent Children looked in real-time... more as we get it, then.

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