Rebellion land Strangelite

Empire studio in the bag

Whilst Empire Interactive may finally be entering the 'death knell' stage, UK developer Rebellion appear to be very much on the up, having just announced the acquisition of Strangelite from the ailing British publisher. Strangelite was previously an internal studio of Empire, and are responsible for a couple of noteworthy ports and Starship Troopers.

Rebellion's acquisition comes as Stangelite beaver away on two unannounced projects, both of which are said to be in development for the PC and next-generation consoles. The sale of the studio presumably buys Empire a little more time, as they look to drastically restructure the company in order to simply continue existing. Rumours of a buy-out have been circulating around the publisher, however it appears that negotiations with an unnamed suitor have now broken down leaving the future at best uncertain and at worst bleak.

Rebellion meanwhile appear to be in ascendance, having recently acquired anything worth nabbing from Core Design from SCI-Eidos. New game announcements are expected soon.

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