MS look to portable world

Hardware still under consideration?

Whilst Microsoft bosses have in recent weeks openly dismissed rumours that a handheld device is in development at Redmond, Bill Gates has stated that the firm are still investigating the opportunities that exist in the portable hardware arena. Speculation had been rife that Microsoft were plotting some form of PSP / iPod rival, chatter reinforced by Origami and author Dean Takahashi. However, at a recent press event Bill Gates states that he had nothing to offer on such a possibility, but that Redmond were most certainly "looking at various ways to bring more to that space."

"There is a lot yet that hasn't been done," Gates stated according to ZDNet. Whilst Gates' ambiguity could be interpreted as a hint that some form of Microsoft hardware could be released in the future, what it might equally also imply is that the company are looking to forge stronger relationships with third-parties, as they have continued to do thus far, in order to extent their influence in the mobile devices 'space'. Gates himself has spoken in the past about the opportunities presented by convergence devices, and Redmond's own visions for the sector.

We'll keep you posted as the speculation and the denials inevitably continue.

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