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Naughty Dog footage 'genuine'

But what is the game called?

Responding to criticisms in the media, Naughty Dog's Evan Wells has told US games site that the footage shown of their new project at E3 was 'genuine'; not a pre-rendered 'target' version or anything like that. Apparently, several attendees were so impressed with the detail of the visuals demonstrated at the expo that they concluded the trailer wasn't running in real-time, or indeed representative of the game's present status. Wells vigorously denies this.

"All of the models, textures, shaders and effects are in-game," the developer insisted, assuring IGN's readers that the footage shown was indicative of Naughty Dog's brand-spanking new PS3 game engine. The as-yet unnamed project is a third-person action adventure game with a heavy emphasis placed upon story. The footage shown demonstrated a lush jungle setting, reminiscent of Far Cry, but even prettier.

In an effort to deliver a highly polished title, the predicted mix of combat, puzzle-solving, exploration and exposition will be complimented by a camera designed by the man behind Prince of Persia's camera system. The game has been in the works for a year and a half thus far, and animation is also a focus as it's "something that we think will set next-generation games apart from current-gen," according to Wells. More soon.

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