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Secret mic in Wii controller?

Hidden feature rumoured

A number of reports are beginning to circulate this week suggesting that the Nintendo Wii controller might also include a built-in microphone, as well the speaker revealed at E3 in LA. If the reports prove correct and the Wiimote does include this feature, this would be yet another bold innovation from Nintendo, who are promising to 'disrupt' the gaming norm with their new console. Given the shape of the controller, a microphone feature could make the controller into a bona fide phone, for use with voice-over-IP services... which would of course also fit in with Ninty's ambitious plans for the 'always-on' WiiConnect24 service.

More interesting still comes word that Nintendo now own the wiikaraoke.com domain, which could also be used as evidence of the controller's secret use. Of course, a mic attachment for the controller is also a strong possibility, but the shape of the device at present would seem to make an extra peripheral unnecessary. Microphone chatter is strongly supported by the success of the microphone feature on the DS handheld, with both Nintendo and third-parties making extensive use of it in their games. We'll keep you posted on this tittle-tattle as we learn more.

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