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Midway plot Myst on PSP

PC adventure goes mobile

We've known for some time that Sega were behind a version of PC classic Myst for the PSP handheld, but with only the Japanese branch discussing the game it was unclear what was planned for Europe and North America. Now we know that the game will most definitely be released outside of Japan, with Midway Games enlisted to deliver this port of the Cyan landmark title.

Credited with kick-starting a new era of PC adventure games, Myst also pioneered an approach to visuals that would last for many years, even with the advent of 3D graphic acceleration on the PC. This conversion will be crafted for Sony's handheld by Hoplite Research, who will adapt the game for the PSP's widescreen in the series' first handheld outing.

Those of you looking forward to a little island-adventuring on the go will just have to wait a little longer, however, as Midway aren't saying much on a release date yet. That said, we do know the game will feature the same plotlines celebrated in Cyan's original. More soon.

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