War Of Light Part I DLC arrives for DC Universe Online

DLC introduces the Red Lantern Corp powered by rage

DC Universe Online expands even further today with the arrival of the first part of the War Of Light downloadable content.

War Of Light Part I is the first of a three part storyline which revolves around characters that wield power over the emotional spectrum as the Green Lantern and Sinestro have in the original DC comics. This story adds another, neutral power to the emotional spectrum of red rage which can be used for good or for evil. This will imbue players with powers idea for tanks and berzerkers adding another strategic dimension to DCUO's gameplay.

A mysterious fog has descended upon Metropolis affecting the emotions of its citizens. It appeared as a result of the Lanterns destroying all links between colours and the emotional spectrum and the Four Corps – Green, Blue, Sinestro and Red – have arrived on Earth after receiving some cryptic messages in order to figure our their true nature. Players must band together in groups of four and set out on adventures with either Hal Jordan or Sinestro to figure out what is going on. War Of Light Part I DLC arrives for DC Universe Online

The DLC also includes new eight-player raids to the planets of Mogo and Ranx which will cast players right into the middle of a conflict between the Green Lantern Corps and the Sinestro Corps.

DCUO's senior creative director, Jens Andersen said, Players are getting more than just a new storyline with this DLC. We transformed Metropolis for the War of the Light trilogy and created new, expandable environment and content – separate from the original – for players to explore. In War of the Light Part I both heroes and villains can utilize Rage powers, a unique and challenging power set that offers a new tanking mechanic, adding yet another dimension to fights. It looks amazing and I’m looking forward to players mastering the Red Lantern-inspired power.”

War Of Light Part I is available to download on PC, PS3 and PS4 for 7.99 GBP/8.99 EUR.

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