Wii News

250 USD Wii mooted

Plus six-million units by March 2007...

The latest financial report is out from Nintendo and in amongst the baffling figures, forecasts and other nonsensical exemplars of boredom, we discover a few gems of information about the Wii console. In a report aimed at shareholders, and later confirmed to the press, Ninty reveal that the new console will not cost in excess of 250 USD in North America, or 25,000 Yen in Japan. This positions the innovation gizmo comfortably below the current Xbox 360's pricing, and a world away from the lofty sums Sony are demanding for the PS3.

The console will begin shipping in the 'fourth-quarter' of 2006, with six-million units hitting shelves by the end of March 2007. The report promised more concrete specifics on Wii shortly, whilst explaining that a drop in turn-over could be laid firmly upon the ailing GameCube's doorstep. More news on the Wii as we get it (apparently, even Shigeru Miyamoto preffered 'Revolution'... ho-hum).

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