The Elder Scrolls Online to have separate servers for PC, PS4

PS4 version to take full advantage of the Dualshock 4

Matt Firor, game director on The Elder Scrolls Online has been tacking some fan questions on what to expect from the PS4 version of the game.

He revealed that as well as taking full advantage of the new Dualshock 4 controller's unique features like the touchpad there would be no cross-platform play with PC and Mac players. PS4 gamers will instead inhabit their own megaservers in either Europe or North America.

“PS4 users will have their own dedicated ESO megaservers (European and North American),” Firor explained on the PlayStation Blog. “PC and Mac users will not be on the PS4 megaservers. This is good news for PS4 players as they won’t have to worry about contending with higher-level PC players when ESO launches on the PlayStation 4.” The Elder Scrolls Online to have separate servers for PC, PS4

This is a little bit disappointing given that the PS4 is eminently capable of cross-platform play with the PC but it seems fair as they would most-likely have been unable to offer cross-platform play with PC and Mac gamers to both the Xbox One and PS4.

The Elder Scrolls Online is due out on PC and Mac on the 4th of April with the PS4 and Xbox One releases coming some time in June.

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