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Double Helix 'jailing' Killer Instinct rage-quitters

Killer Instinct studio works to encourage a more sportsmanlike atmosphere online

Have you ever been dominating an online opponent only to have them disconnect at the last-minute? Double Helix has an interesting solution to deal with rage-quitters in Killer Instinct.

Anyone found to be quitting an online multiplayer match of Killer Instinct before the game is up is to go to virtual jail. Any player that has a disconnect percentage that rises above 15 percent goes to jail. The first jail term lasts for 24 hours and every subsequent occasion a player's disconnect percentage breaks that magic 15 percent the jail term rises by 24 hours up to a maximum term of 120 hours.

Players in jail will still be able to play online but will only be matched with other jailed player. After coming out of jail, if you quit and your percentage is still above 15 percent you go straight back to jail. Jailed players also record a loss for the match that sends them to jail. Double Helix 'jailing' Killer Instinct rage-quitters

The new jail system arrives as part of the latest patch for Killer Instinct. The full patch notes are available over on Double Helix's official forum.

Thanks Destructoid.

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