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Wii price 'around' 200 USD?

Speculation continues on console costs

With E3 now well and truly out of the way and the industry's hangover slowly abating, the most consistent post-expo chatter surrounds what wasn't revealed, most notably the pricing and dating of Nintendo's Wii console, which many regard as having been the star of the show. 1UP.com this week report from a Forbes article which points to an unnamed Sega boss as stating that the price will be 'below' the 200 USD mark. Merril Lynch analyst Justin Post meanwhile states that the price will be 'around' 200 USD, which would still be notably cheaper than Nintendo's rivals.

Previous new Nintendo consoles have come in around the 200 USD mark from the off, and such a price point would put the Wii well below the Xbox 360's budget pack price of 299 USD, and a world away from the PS3's entry price of 499 USD. 1UP.com points to the system's lower specifications versus the entry level Xbox 360, but even at 250 USD the Wii could be a very attractive proposition, if the new controller enthuses gamers as Nintendo hope.

It is of course important that the games look 'next-generation', still, and get some good press if Ninty are to really cash-in on the innovations of the Wii console. Wii'll keep you posted as speculation, tittle-tattle and gossip continues.

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