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Hitman 2 branded ‘racist’

Woolworths and PC World pull from shelves
In the UK, the BBC airs a topical news programme called ‘Newsround’, aimed at kids. In one of the most bizarre reports I’ve ever witnessed on this programme (don’t ask why I was watching in the first place), I happened to stumble across news that several UK stores have removed copies of Hitman 2 from shelves, in response to claims that the game is ‘racist’. The complaints are directed against a particular portion of the game, in which the hitman character you play has to assassinate ‘terrorists wearing turbans’ in a temple, which has apparently caused outrage from Sikhs who say the game is ‘racist and offensive’. Apparently, this particular part of the game is also reminiscent of the similarities with the 1984 massacre in the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India, where police killed hundreds of Sikhs. Thus far, Woolworths and PC World have removed the game from shelves, with publisher Eidos saying that they’re going to remove the offensive material from future copies and the forthcoming GameCube version. Whilst it would seem that the developers have been a little insensitive in including this content in the game, it seems highly implausible that this is intentional racism, the hitman in the game callously murdering those of numerous persuasions throughout.
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