Mario offers Cube lifeline more new games revealed

Whilst most of the chatter pre-E3 was about the Wii console and to what extent its going to 'disrupt' gaming, Nintendo have also taken the opportunity afforded by the showcase to breath a little life into the heavily flagging GameCube platform. A new Super Mario title is perhaps the most significant announcement for the aging system in quite some time.

Super Paper Mario remains largely undated, but promises an intriguing mix of 2D side-scrolling fun of the retro variety, coupled with the 3D 'feel' visuals of the Paper Mario series. Mario, Peach and Bowser will all star as playable characters, and the game will even be imbued with a few RPG elements we're told, possibly giving your chosen avatar the opportunity to improve as you progress through the game.

We're also told that Mario will be able to get all huge, like in the DS' latest, filling the screen like the original Marios of yesteryear. We will of course be trying to find out more about this offering, which could do as much for the platform as Twilight Princess, assuming it sees release sometime this decade.

In related news Nintendo have also confirmed that a few other new games are bound for the Cube, despite flagging interest. Tomb Raider Legend must be doing well enough on other formats to justify the expenditure, and there will also be Super Monkey Ball Adventure, Splinter Cell: Double Agent and more besides.

More on the Cube's attempts to go out on a high as we get it.

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