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MS comment on PS3 press conference

Predictable spin ahoy...

US game site IGN has published remarks from Microsoft executives after Sony's pre-E3 press conference announced details of the console's November launch.

"From a gamer's perspective, I'm pretty disappointed in Sony's lack of innovation" said Christ Satchell, general manager of Microsoft's game developer group, mirroring observations seen around forums online. He also poured scorn on his competitor's higher priced platform, musing that the back-pedalling seen in the controller design "doesn't seem good for consumers, just good for Sony". Ouch.

Shane Kim, Microsoft Game Studios general manager put his two pence/cents/centimes in, passing judgement on Sony's promise to have six-million consoles produced by the end of the first quarter of next year, stating:

"We can't speculate on Sony's production capabilities. We're not experts on that. But as you know, getting six million units on the market place by March 2007 is a very challenging task. [...] By June 2006, we project we'll meet our goal of having shipped 5 to 5.5 million Xbox 360s. On the subject of new content and announcements, you'll hear about the great new stuff we have at our conference tomorrow."

With regard to the PS3 online plans, Satchell said "they provided no real commitment to actually delivering on their online service", and when it was suggested that the PS3 had an advantage with its Blu-Ray technology he countered with "1080p is a niche market. The sweet spot is 720p. [...] The real question is will your TV be able to run 1080p?"

So, with the battle lines redrawn slightly, we'll have to wait and see what the boys from the Xbox camp have to say tomorrow, perhaps with some more subtle comments from the Japanese afterwards? All this, and the expo hasn't even begun...

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