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Fable Legends Villain players won't fight hero players directly

Multiplayer features inspired by Dark Souls

Lionhead has given a bit more insight into the multiplayer features for their first next-gen title Fable Legends.

The game's multiplayer features have been inspired by Dark Souls and Journey in the way players can invade the worlds of others.

Lionhead boss Jeremy Needham told Eurogamer, “I always mention this, but I love Dark Souls, where you’re invading other people’s worlds, and games like Journey, where people are organically coming in and out of your game world. Having that kind of infrastructure behind the Xbox One gives you a lot of flexibility to do highly innovative online. They definitely inspire us, for sure.” Fable Legends Villain players won't fight hero players directly

The studio has some interesting ideas on how Villain players jumping into Fable Legends will interact with the heroes although it won't be in the form of direct confrontation.

“Villain players will have different sorts of minions at their disposal, some more powerful than others – so, while you won’t get to physically fight the Villain ‘one on one’ as it were, the Villain is able to control every minion you encounter including the more powerful ones,” community manager Chris Hohbein explained to OXM. “The idea of villain players attacking towns sounds interesting! But I’d imagine that would be a huge challenge, both technically and in terms of gameplay for those in the town! Nevertheless, always good to hear ideas!”

Microsoft is still to announce a date that Fable Legends will arrive on the Xbox One or if they will be conducting a beta.

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