Microsoft handheld Uncloaked?

New book hints at portable platform

The latest book from Dean Takahashi, author of several notable books about gaming, reports to reveal the existence of a Microsoft gaming handheld for the first time. The Xbox 360 Uncloaked, according to, reveals that post Xbox 360 launch the original hardware development team has been split in two, with half the team working on reducing the cost of existing hardware, whilst the other team work on a portable device.

According to the book, Microsoft's strategy is to release the new handheld platform half-way through the cycle of the Xbox 360, with the long-term plan being to smoothen the up and downs of the hardware cycle from a financial perspective. Whether a new Microsoft portable can hope to catch the DS and the PSP does however remain a mystery.

Speculation surrounding such a project has persisted for some time now, with many commentators predicting that the Origimi handheld PC would be a portable games system. The new book apparently contains loads of other details about the Xbox 360, Microsoft's fractious relationship with nVidia and more, presumably making it a good read for interested gamers. More soon.

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