VU snag TimeShift

Atari pass-on FPS

Whilst you might first have heard mention of action title TimeShift in the context of Atari, the new game being created by Saber Interactive will, it turns out, be delivered to stores by VU Games, after a switch between the French publishers. The first-person shooter was originally planned for the PC, Xbox and Xbox 360, but only PC and Xbox 360 versions appear to have made the transition across town.

Despite the change in publisher, the game is still due to be released in 2006, though the scheduling is now more ambiguous. Atari were planning to release the game shortly. What's more, Saber's latest can't be far off as a demo version for the PC outing can already be had online.

Premise-wise the game sees you playing grizzled pilot Mike Swift, working for the government testing a secretive time control machine. The existence of the machine however appears to have upset the balance of the world somewhat, and now you've got to use time to your advantage, rewinding, pausing, etc., in a bid to reassert reality. TimeShift certainly sounds like an interesting project, but only time will tell. More at E3.

E3 Trailer